Our Clients

Our clients are self-insured employers that:

  • Have 200 or more employee lives
  • Value member experience and positive health outcomes
  • Recognize the value of integrated claim and care management
  • May have employees in rural locations who are under-served by typical provider networks
  • Utilize data to make informed plan decisions

We help our clients manage the cost of their health benefits by supporting quality care, setting goals for Plan performance and continually measuring progress and outcomes. Our clients have realized:

  • Sustained and significant bottom line savings as a result of HDP's comprehensive medical trend management
  • Fewer inpatient hospital admission per 1000 and average bed days per 1000 than industry benchmarks
  • Less than 1% denial rate for medical care
  • High levels of employee and employer satisfaction

At Health Design Plus, we believe in controlled growth, adding a growing list of clients each year, so we can provide the level of service our clients expect and deserve.