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How to Become a HDP Customer

Welcome to Health Design Plus! We are people serving people in the delivery of health care for employers who self fund their benefit plans. Cost… Quality… Access… Service. Today's challenges demand innovative solutions. Caring… Experience… Dedication… Integrity. At Health Design Plus, we offer customized approaches to help your organization provide high-quality, cost-effective health care to employees.

It is easy for your client to become a HDP customer:

Contact the HDP Sales manager for information on Health Design Plus.

Submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your client.

How to Submit an RFP

HDP would like to provide Advisors with the a comprehensive proposal. Please include the following information to

  • Current census including age or date of birth, gender, coverage status and zip code
  • PPO networks
  • Number of claims per employee per year
  • Paid claims for the current 12-24 months
  • High cost claimant information
  • Benefit summary (SPD's) including any proposed plan changes
  • Current administrator