Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Health Design Plus?

Health Design Plus (HDP) is a nationally recognized third-party administrator in the United States. At Health Design Plus, we offer customized approaches to help employers provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to employees. Our core business includes:

  • Health Care Management
  • Network Development and Management
  • Claims Payment
  • Customer Service
  • Benefit Support
  • ECEN™
  • Interactive Enrollment System (MyPES)
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Benchmarking
  • Population Health Management

Why should clients consider HDP services?

HDP has a 25 year track record of success based on the extraordinary management of medical trend. We have consistently delivered a book of business medical trend far below the national average. Our steadfast commitment to member advocacy and advanced technological capabilities provides optimal flexibility, strong analytics and reporting.

How can HDP reduce trend?

HDP’s hands on approach to member engagement and patient advocacy, combined with the integration of several HDP supplemental programs has enabled us to consistently reach or exceed our clients’ goals. HDP nurse-to-member ratio is approximately 1 to 3,500, far better than industry average. HDP works closely with networks and providers to ensure billing is appropriate, medically necessary and paid according to plan. Our expertise in data integration and analysis helps us insightfully manage our clients’ plan and the health of their member population.

How does HDP use data to manage care?

Through our DataEDGE® product, Health Design Plus offers its clients state of the art healthcare data management and analysis capabilities. DataEDGE® was created combining Health Design Plus' data warehouse and data normalization processes with the dynamic analytical tools provided through Health Data Management Systems (HDMS), a leading healthcare analytics company. These tools offer our clients 24/7 web access to their data. They also allow Health Design Plus, working closely with clients, to conduct dynamic analysis of Plan performance and cost drivers with drill real-time down capabilities. Using these tools, Health Design Plus and its clients' can jointly design programs that address the client's specific issues and needs, creating greater potential for generating savings and ROI. HDP believes that data is a tool — not an end in itself. As such, we partner with each of our clients in using the findings from data to better manage their Plans.

Describe HDP's approach to creating client solutions.

HDP's flexibility and data-driven approach allows us to create solutions to meet each client's specific needs, providing sustainable programs that improve the health of its membership and its medical trend. HDP is an action-oriented organization that provides common sense healthcare strategies and implements these strategies at a local and individual level. HDP Account Managers are responsible for servicing all the needs of our clients’. They function as the primary contact and are supported by key contacts from each essential operational department within HDP’s organization. We look forward to the opportunity to work with our clients to develop, implement and measure healthcare strategies that are consistent with their culture and strategic goals.

How can I learn more?

Please contact the HDP Sales Manager for information on Health Design Plus: or 330-463-1114 to learn more.