The HDP Solutions

The basis for our success is in the development of long-term relationships with a growing list of clients across the country. These relationships are built on a foundation of comprehensive, results driven services. HDP creates client-centered, customized solutions to meet your needs in the following ways:

  • Controlled rate of increase in health benefit costs
  • Improved health of chronically ill employees
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction with benefit program
  • Ongoing support for the client's benefit staff


Fully integrated health care services including PPO network management, medical management and claims administration.

Comprehensive utilization management, medical case management and patient advocacy, the core businesses of Health Design Plus:

  • Precertification of patient admissions, outpatient services and specialized services
  • Case management and discharge planning
  • Discount negotiations
  • Concurrent and retrospective medical claims review

Individualized PPO network development and management, fostering provider relationships that produce maximum access for employees and cost savings for clients:

  • Network of providers balancing access and cost
  • Contract negotiations
  • Websites and directories listing hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers
  • Ongoing network management

Assigned Customer Service Representatives focused on caller needs, problem solution and customer satisfaction.

Access to Good Health by Design suite of services:

Monthly/Quarterly and Annual Reviews to provide data and analysis for making decisions about the health care Plan.

Regular meetings with the Health Design Plus Team to set goals, review service utilization and claims, identify trends and determine course of action.