HDP has established itself as the nation’s leading provider of employer-sponsored travel surgery programs in recent years, working with many employers across the country, including several Fortune 100 organizations.

Why partner with Health Design Plus?

We work hard to ensure your employees receive quality care so they can focus on getting well. Because we are an innovative, patient-focused, care management administrator, we understand the struggles clients face balancing employees’ critical care costs with a healthier bottom line. Based on over 25 years of experience analyzing medical trend and negotiating proper pricing for our clients, we continually prove our values in controlling those costs while taking your employees’ healthcare to the next level.

You're in control

  • Analyze your population’s footprint to determine the greatest area(s) of surgical needs.
  • Use current utilization to set financial goals and timelines.
  • Decide the benefits and eligibility parameters.

Health Design Plus Promises to:

  • Partner with your consultants to build a strategy that works for you.
  • Provide a comprehensive implementation process
  • Provide quality customer service and nurse case management for your members.
  • Collaborate continuously with medical care teams.
  • Support and develop communication tools for your organization.
  • Extract and analyze monthly and quarterly outcomes.
  • Administer satisfaction surveys and outreach to your members; providing continuous improvement for your program