Data Management

HDP provides reliable, detailed data and expert analysis that are the foundation of plan management and design. Data collection methods are fully compliant with member confidentiality.

DateEDGE HDP's Data Warehouse, DataEDGE® is owned by HDP, and data analysts are staffed by HDP. It is a repository of all medical, pharmacy and eligibility data used for:
  • Production Management
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly financial and statistical reporting
  • All ad hoc reporting
  • To gather additional data as it becomes available
  • DataEdge®

  • Paid Claims
  • Medical Loss Ratio
  • Highest Claimant
  • Emergency Department Visits
  • Top Provider Utilization
  • Network Discounts
  • Cost Summary
  • Cost Sharing by Plan
  • Annual Review
  • Utilization Trends
  • Utilization Benchmarks
  • Inpatient Census
  • Case Management Identification
  • DateEDGE


  • By Population
  • By Provider
  • By Disease/Disease Category
  • KnowledgeNOW


  • Utilization and Cost Against HDP Normative Population Data
  • By Demographic
  • By Standard Industry
  • Predictive Modeling & Profiling

  • Risk Identification
  • Prediction of Future Cost
  • Analytics along multiple Axes
  • Identification of Gaps in Best Practice Guidelines
  • Provider Profiling