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Data Warehousing and Mining

HDP is pleased to introduce its enhanced DataEDGE™ business intelligence engine (enhanced data warehouse) to provide an ACTIVE way of managing information to see opportunity, trends, concerns and other factors vital to its clients' success. DataEDGE™ uses the most innovative, 3-dimensional data modeling technologies to turn data into real knowledge, cataloging it in such a way that powerful analysis is easy and intuitive.

DataEDGE™ is a dynamic web-based reporting tool, powered by SAS and Health Data Management Solutions (HDMS). The DataEDGE™ tool can forecast future costs, analyze the efficiency of your benefit plan, identify trends and determine the total costs of your benefit plan. Healthcare data from your employee population can be analyzed in a variety of ways. Custom reporting allows you to rank, filter, expand and drill down data to view in many scenarios. Template reports are easy to run and they can also be easily modified.

DataEDGE™ is an easy to use point-and-click interface. Data is presented in an easy to read format. Our clients have direct access DataEDGE™ enhanced data warehouse tool, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.