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Eldorado® Claims Adjudication System

HDP uses the Eldorado Computing, Inc. (ECI) claim administration system, chosen because of its flexibility and its ability to meet the demands of our sophisticated client base. We currently provide medical and dental plan administration, flexible spending account administration, and COBRA and HIPAA administration. Claims entry is accomplished through native electronic data interchange (EDI), scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) for paper documents, and direct EDI trading with primary networks and significant hospital vendors. This state of the art approach allows us to not only gain important efficiencies, but also to attract highly qualified claims staff due to our ability to offer remote processing opportunities using secure virtual private network (VPN) lines.

HDP has consistently volunteered to be the Alpha Site for Eldorado, Inc. through a number of system enhancements and upgrades. As a result, HDP has benefited from the technological expertise and know-how of one of the most flexible claims systems in the industry. HDP has also built proprietary software around the Eldorado System to better manage claims flow and data.

Eldorado 4.0

Health Design plus Eligibility
Standardizes eligibility data forms Check
Allows greater flexibility in receiving eligibility data Check
My Eldorado
IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Check
Integrates multiple applications from standardized, documented database Check
Provides trending, profiling, reporting Check
Dakota Closed loop
Ensures all claims scanned are received and processed Check
Improves reconciliation and turnaround time Check
Electronic Data Interchange
Automates receipt and distribution of EDI files Check
Improves turnaround time, accuracy, efficiencies Check
Captures data for closed loop reconciliation reporting Check