Trend Management

Health Design Plus has demonstrated its value by achieving book-of-business medical trend that is signifigantly below the national average. HDP’s success with respect to slowing the rate of medical trend comes as a result of a high-touch engagement model from a dedicated staff of medical professionals. HDP works with clients as strategic partners to develop, implement and measure programs based on client goals, needs and trend drivers.

HDP promotes a steadfast commitment to achieving the most optimal outcome possible for our clients. With a nurse-to-member ratio of roughly 1 to 3,500 (far better than industry average), HDP consistently exceeds key Milliman benchmarks which allows for a much more “hands on” approach to member engagement and patient advocacy. This approach, combined with the integration of the supplemental programs described throughout this section, has enabled HDP to consistently achieve trend results far superior to the industry average as illustrated in the following graph:

Trend Management Graph

With 5 years of HDP's medical trend management, HDP clients have demonstrated savings of over $2 million per thousand employees compared to a national benchmark