Carewise Health® 24/7 Nurse Line Demand Management

Overview and Goals

Professional support available at the point of making health decisions is an effective mechanism for obtaining accurate information and matching acute conditions with the appropriate level of care.

The goals of Carewise Health are to:

  • Educate callers in understanding conditions
  • Guide callers in appropriate use of health care system
  • Provide follow-up for use of emergency or urgent care services
  • Encourage health screenings and use of preventive services

Registered Nurses supported by evidence-based research and clinical guidelines are available 24/7/365 to provide information, options and decision support related to seeking medical care. Carewise Health provides a basis for coordination of care across the health-illness continuum.


This phone and mail program is available for all Plan members or employees. It includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to Registered Nurses for decision support
  • Assessment of condition and presentation of options for treatment with focus on appropriate use of the health care system
  • Mailed information on symptoms, conditions and procedures
  • Tracking of intent to use emergency or urgent care services for follow-up, coordination and resolution
  • Audio library with brief presentations on over 200 health topics and a language line supporting 145 options
  • Annual outcome reports