Healthy Living™ Disease Management

Overview and Goals

Understanding the basis of common chronic conditions, including how to monitor them and following medical plans for treatment are the most effective techniques for controlling or reversing those conditions.

The goals of Healthy Living are to:

  • Identify and stratify individuals with common chronic conditions
  • Improve self-management and clinical status
  • Increase quality of life and productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with unmanaged conditions

Clinical specialists use personalized information, care guides and self-care kits in educating and motivating participants with chronic conditions to follow medical plans for treatment. Healthy Living encourages a participant to be an active partner in their care.


This mail, web and phone program is available for Plan members or employees indentified with cardiac, diabetic and respiratory conditions. It includes:

  • Outreach for engagement
  • Disease specific surveys for completion via paper, web or phone every 6 months
  • Personalized Healthy Living Guides with findings, recommendations and communication for physician
  • Pedometers and Healthwise® Handbook / condition specific information
  • Care Kits with guides and monitoring devices such as personal health journals, pedometers, blood pressure monitors, digital scales with BMI, pill organizers. carbohydrate counters, and fast food guides
  • Disease Case Management with one-on-one counseling and collaboration with treating physician for high risk group
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Clinical helpline
  • Annual outcome reports