Wellness Counts® Lifestyle Management

Overview and Goals

Screening for health risks and improving unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are the most effective ways of avoiding conditions that require treatment and generate costs.

The goals of Wellness Counts are to:

  • Identify health risks in a member population
  • Facilitate health seeking behaviors
  • Increase quality of life and productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with treatment of lifestyle related illness

Professional phlebotomists, credentialed health coaches and licensed clinicians provide courteous and professional services that educate and motivate participants to engage in primary prevention. Wellness Counts fosters an active partnership between a participant and a physician to monitor and maintain / improve health.


This on-site, web, mail and phone program is available for a Plan or employee population.

It includes:

  • Communications and on-line registration
  • Comprehensive on-site biometric screening and risk assessment
  • Convenient off-site screening and risk assessment for small groups / spouses
  • Medical Director contact for extreme findings
  • Testing results on-line within 3 business days
  • Personal Health Report with customized analysis and recommendations mailed within 10 business days
  • Option to fax results to Primary Care Physician
  • Health index score and goal focused on smoking, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and blood pressure
  • On-line health education tools including Ask An Expert consultation
  • Telephonic health coaching
  • Monthly electronic newsletters and quarterly program reminders
  • Population outcome reports
  • Individual goal tracking and trending