What We Do

At Health Design Plus, we believe that there are three critical components to a successful healthcare delivery system:

  • A network of quality providers, who agree to reasonable fees
  • Patient-centered care management, advocacy and education
  • Expert oversight of plan operations and performance with recommendations for ongoing plan management

HDP clients enjoy:

  • Controlled rates of increase in health benefit costs
  • Improved health of chronically ill employees
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction with benefit programs
  • Real support for client's benefit staff
  • Greater return on each benefit investment

Sample Savings from Care and Utilization Management

These are results that can be measured!

Health Design Plus utilizes a three-pronged approach to cost control:

  • Network discounts to lower the cost per unit of healthcare
  • Care Management to reduce the rate of increase, keeping costs under control.
  • Exceptional plan management to ensure appropriate payment.

Our expertise in utilization and care management controls the amount of healthcare services utilized while ensuring that members receive appropriate care. Our founding principal is to support every participant in acquiring the right care, at the right time, with the right provider, in the right place and at the right price.

savings chart

Outcome for a 7,500 active employee group

  • 185 days saved
  • $740,000 saved based on $4,000 per day

Source: Health Design Plus Client Data, 2008