Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence



As employers and providers continue to seek new ways to work more directly together, HDP offers the Employers Centers of Excellence Network (ECEN™), a specialized medical travel benefit program featuring several of the country’s most highly rated medical centers and surgeons.

Through our ECEN™ programs, we facilitate access to the best of the best in medical care! Our medical center partners are committed to providing the highest quality and appropriate care possible while delivering a best-in-class patient experience.

Our program features fully bundled pricing solutions for several areas of specialized care, including; cardiac, joint, spine, bariatric and oncology. With years of experience, HDP has developed a turnkey approach – powered by proprietary technology and a dedicated team of professionals – to create a truly fantastic member experience.


Working in close partnership with elite providers of care and several of the country’s largest employers, ECEN™ has become the gold standard for national Centers of Excellence programs across the country!

2017 HDP All Client Savings Distribution

ECEN™ Provider Selection Process

5-Step Process

  1. Publicly Available Data
  2. Invited RFI
  3. Team Assessment Call
  4. Comprehensive RFP
  5. In-Person Site Visit

Example Key Features

  • Center & surgeon quality data assessment
  • Routinely reported patient outcomes
  • Procedure-specific surgeon approval
  • Quality-driven bundled payments
  • Demonstrated patient safety practices
  • National best practice leaders
  • Shared decision-making inherent in MD culture

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